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2019      Art Basel, Konrad Lifestyle,  Basel

2019      Kunstwerk Galerie, Berlin

2018      Kunstwerk Galerie, Berlin

2018      Art Basel, Konrad Lifestyle, Basel

2017      Art Basel, Konrad Lifestyle, Basel

2017      Óbuda Cultural Center, Budapest

2015      Iconic flashbacks 4, Galerie Suppan Contemporary Wien

2013      Iconic Flashbacks, Sommerausstellung im Hotel Sacher Salzburg

2013      Iconic flashbacks 3, Galerie Suppan Contemporary, Wien

2011       Ari Kupsus Gallery, Budapest

2011       Iconic flashbacks 2, Galerie Suppan Contemporary Wien

2010      KOGART Gallery, Budapest

2009     KOGART Gallery, Budapest

2009     Galerie Suppan Contemporary, Wien

2009     Hungarian Embassy's Gallery, Berlin

2006     Tragor Ignác Museum, Vác

2003     Mű-Terem Gallery, Budapest

2002     Art Du Monde Gallery, Budapest;
2000     Pfister Gallery, Budapest

1996       Horváth Endre Gallery, Balassagyarmat


2014      61. Vásárhelyi Autumn Exhibition, Hódmezövásárhely

2013      SCOPE  Miami Beach 2013, USA

2012      ROME Contemporary

2012      Art Bejing

2009    Galerie Suppan Contemporary, Wien

2009    Share your dreams - young art from the EU

2008    Méditations Biennále, Poznan

2008    Kogart Contemporary Art Collection, KOGART, Budapest

2007    Central Europe Revisited II., Schloss Esterházy, Eisenstadt

2006    STRABAG painter award, Ludwig Museum, Budapest;                         KOGART  Salon ,Budapest; Aabenraa, Dánia

2005    STRABAG – Painter Award Ludwig Muzeum, Budapest                      Contemporary Art Museum; KOGART, Budapest

1999     Salgótarján Spring Exhibition

1997     Szeged Oil Painting Biennale

1994     "Skyscrapers" Eger Youth House

1992     "Field"The Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest  
1991      Collégium Hungaricum,  Wien

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